Charm Tuazon

Orange County Wedding Planner

Charm Tuazon has been with the Sweet Blossom Weddings team for 4 years. Based in Orange County, Charm is our go-to planner for any weddings in this area. She has a BS in Marketing, a BA in Management, and her Masters of Business Administration. Her intense schooling has proven that Charm is a highly organized, hard worker that accomplishes any thing she puts her mind to. Her love and passion for weddings became her reason she decided to pursue wedding planning. She enjoys the excitement of being a part of one of the greatest days of a couples life. 

How would your friends describe you?                      Resilient, Creative, Visionary, Organized

Best advice you’ve ever gotten?                                        I've been told to love and embrace every mistake I have ever made. I love making them, because it makes me a better person. 

People would be surprised if they knew...                      That I love reading comic books, build computers and run half marathons

Favorite floral?                                                          Juliet roses

Favorite Saturday activity?                                           Paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming

What’s your hidden talent?                                             Car Karaoke to some rap and hip-hop

What do you love most about being a wedding planner?                                                               I enjoy helping couples bring to life their dream wedding and seeing their faces when they have a first look of their reception. 

I don’t leave the house without…                                   My planner and notebook